November 3, 2016

Sosharu, Farringdon

Sosharu is located on Turnmill Street, EC1 and less than a stone’s throw from Farringdon Station. It is an exquisite Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant, serving food which focusses on bringing different landscapes to life.

Founded by Jason and Irha Atherton, Sosharu boasts surroundings which reflect traditional Japanese Minka Houses, with an all-round sense of intimacy and calmness. With a real focus on the food available, executive Head Chef Alex Craciun has travelled and worked for several months in Japan, learning and perfecting his cooking. The restaurant is also rife with other intensely skilled chefs, bartenders and house staff.

The native food on offer is delivered perfectly on small plates and specialities include Sashimi, Tempura and Hibachi Grill. The nature and ambience of the restaurant and bar alike are a welcomed amenity to the area, perfect for both corporate events and leisurely unwinding.